Six essential cogs you need to keep your business running smoothly


Are you struggling to keep the cogs in your operation running smoothly? Investing your energy in each of the service cogs we have identified below will drive your business forward. Here at Business Clan, our experts in these six key services have helped our clients to reimagine the future of their businesses and achieve their goals.

With Business Clan’s assistance, we have expertise and experience beyond our business size, which allows us to punch above our weight commercially. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Adrian Bell, Aptiga Ltd
Sector: Transport

1. Business Strategy

If you want to move your business forward with confidence, but resources are limited and time is of the essence, it is key to work on your business strategy in a focussed and organised way. Taking a step back will help you to identify any issues you face and ensure that you are focusing on growth areas. In addition, it will allow you to fix the root causes of your problems. Working on your strategy will reveal areas that need to be addressed in order of importance.

Discovery Workshops take the guess work out of your execution, allowing you, as a business owner, to reflect and invest time to really understand your business. They will help you to identify issues and opportunities, make informed decisions and formulate a 12-month plan to reshape your business for growth and success.

The work we did in the Business Vision, Brand Position and Customer Journey workshops came into its own further down the line. Everything was taken on board, assimilated and used. The value was clearly demonstrated.

Rodolphe Mortreuil, MD & Founder, Lares Digital Ltd
Sector: Proptech

2. Brand and Digital Marketing

Developing a marketing strategy is a step that many companies skip as decision makers opt for the easier option of activating or executing a marketing plan. However, having a marketing strategy in place provides businesses with an edge over their competitors. It allows you to map out the role of marketing within the context of your overall business strategy, who you are targeting and what behaviour change you are expecting from your target audience.

I don’t follow fashion or trends, but now I know brand is more than that: it shows your identity and you should pay attention to it. Bernice showed me how.

Siriwan Hutangkabodee, Owner, Imm Thai Fusion
Sector: Food and Beverage Hospitality


3. Web Design & CRM

Web design is most effective when it is triggered by a marketing led brief. The right business insights, knowledge of the target audience and barriers to action, as well as clearly captured customer journeys will lift your brand above the noise and lead to a true competitive advantage. By doing this you will achieve your business goals of attracting, retaining and converting visitors into returning users and customers.

A user-friendly website built in WordPress which creates an impact online will support your marketing strategy. A CRM solution will enhance your business processes.

With our website project, we discussed what we wanted to do and we knew it was ambitious. Business Clan told us what we needed to hear: what we could do, how long it would take and what the cost would be. It was a good process to go through and we are happy with the results.

Benedicte Brocks, Communications Manager, International Centre for Sustainable Carbon
Sector: Knowledge Source

4. Accountancy & Bookkeeping

Do you know if your business is financially viable and sustainable? If you don’t know your numbers or don’t understand them, then you won’t be able to answer that question. It’s important to have systems and processes in place to capture data giving you information to hand that will inform every business decision you make.

A good accountant will help you to understand what those numbers mean for your business and make sure you have the right financial information, so you can act quickly and make informed decisions.

Business Clan provides high quality information far more frequently than our previous accountant did. We have a much better dashboard on our business. We can see at a glance where we need to make changes.

Geoff Ross, Sporting Feet
Sector: Retail


5. HR Management & Support

When you are thinking about growing your business, you’ll need an HR framework that aligns with your overall business strategy. It starts with the building blocks of HR: implementing and maintaining a robust set of contracts and policies and transactional HR responsibilities such as hiring and contracting new joiners and managing performance and conduct issues as they arise. But a truly effective HR People Strategy – one that positively underpins and supports business growth – goes beyond day-to-day transactional matters. It nurtures your team, protects your organisation, and shapes its culture and practice.

If your business is changing course, you’ll need to rethink and reshape your team structure, defining and implementing a clear people plan which ensures your business has the right skills and resources in place at the right time to enable success. If you’re seeking to recharge your business, where better to start than by making your organisation a truly remarkable place to work? This requires focus on wellbeing and engagement, learning and development, succession and resource planning, reward and benefits, and recruitment and retention.

Massive thanks for all your help over the last year. It’s been invaluable. Our team is looking great with our seven new hires. I massively appreciate the care you have taken to manage our candidates through the process.

Ian Holly, Zesty Ltd
Sector: Healthcare Platform

6. Contracts & Compliance

A sound commercial infrastructure will help you protect your business and enable it to prosper. Having contracts and policies in place which are up to date and compliant gives you peace of mind as you get on with the day to day running of your business.

Commercial contracts need to be reviewed and drafted to implement best practice.

Ensure you have set up the right legal entity for your business, have any information you need on patents, trademarks or copyright and protect your intellectual property rights.

Thank you for all for your time, effort and patience with us, it is very much appreciated.
It’s been a pleasure to work with you and we will keep you in mind should we need further assistance.

Lauren Cullen, Cullen & Co Ltd
Sector: Insolvency agency

The time for organisations to build for sustainability is now. This will be a long process and leaders must leap into the arena and recognise that many of their familiar organisational constructs will need to be reimagined.

Our six essential cogs should be closely interlinked in your business – just like clockwork! They should drive each other and transfer energy back and forth. Invest in these six essential cogs and make them work harder to achieve greater success for your business.

If you would like our help to do this get in touch.

Nicolle Anderson, Business Development Director
Are you struggling to keep the cogs in your operation running smoothly? Give us a call.
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