Our story began just over 10 years ago, when Delia realised there was a gap in the market to help businesses, particularly those who don’t have the time or specialist skills to do everything themselves.

The solution? To provide a one-stop-shop for trusted business advice and professional services.

Business Clan started at the kitchen table, helping small businesses to have access to expert knowledge and resources to give them the best chances of success.

Since then, have helped 500 businesses and our team has grown 5-fold, all of whom have witnessed the transformation of our humble start-up into a thriving enterprise. We are proud to have overcome challenges, embracing change to adapt to an ever-evolving business landscape.

Today, we’ve established a reputation firmly rooted in SW London, which allowed us in 2023, to smoothly transition ownership.

As we forge ahead, we will continue to innovate, inspire, and create value for our clients. I firmly believe the next ten years will be filled with even greater achievements, stronger partnerships, and continued growth
Rohit MainiManaging Director
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  • The Story Begins…

    The idea for Business Clan came about when Delia realised there was a gap in the market to help businesses, particularly business owners and managers, who don’t have the time or specialist skills to do everything themselves.
  • Building Brand Awareness by Making a Film

    We made our first ever film for in partnership with Merton Chamber’s Growth Voucher Scheme to provide businesses The Growth Voucher programme to help small businesses get strategic business advice.
  • Unexpected Success!

    Business Clan were thrilled to be nominated for FSB’s Best New Business. Delia and Nicolle researched the list of the other nominees —eight in total—and knew they were up against some serious competition, so they wrote off bringing home the trophy.
  • Empowering Local Entrepreneurs

    To celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week 2016, Business Clan hosted a pop-up business advice centre in partnership with Metro Bank, at their newly opened Wimbledon store.
  • Finding a Home

    Since Delia founded Business Clan in 2014, we have worked flexibly from home, cafes and work hubs. But when Delia spotted that one of the offices in Raynes Park was up for grabs, we knew it was the right place for Business Clan.
  • Shaping Young Minds

    Our initiative started with the introduction of coding clubs, career conversations, and targeted seminars and presentations on various sectors and services, designed to prepare students for what lies ahead after their schooling.
  • Achieving 100 Clients

    Dr Daniela Mo was referred to us by a longstanding client early in 2017. She was looking to set up a Functional Medicine practice in Wimbledon, and needed advice on the first steps to take to set up her business.
  • Recognising a Top 50 Advisor

    Delia Porter, our Founder, was recognised by The Enterprise Nation as one of UK’s top business advisers. She was subsequently invited to visit 10 Downing Street.
  • Winners…One Again!

    We were thrilled to win Employer of the Year at the FSB London area awards, which meant that we went through to the National Finals. Winning a national award against such fierce competition was a big celebratory win for our team.
  • Building presence in SW London

    Organised by Kingston Chamber of Commerce, we hosted the Silent Stage at the Kingston Expo where our specialists delivered a series of 30-minute seminars from across our range of services.
  • Navigating through the Pandemic

    As the world stood on the brink of change, the unforeseen COVID-19 descended. Amidst the uncertainty of the future, we persevered to keep our business moving forward.
  • Embracing New Opportunities

    Diana Sterck, the then, CEO of Merton Chamber of Commerce, contacted our MD at the time and Founder, Delia, to ask her if she would consider becoming a Director of MCoC.
  • Running the Peer Network Series

    We were awarded a grant to host a 3-month long programme, in partnership with the London Business Hub, targeted at SME participants.
  • Surviving Covid by Being Resilient

    The pandemic forced us to think on our feet business-wise, but maintaining personal relationships became that much more difficult. Lockdown and its aftermath were tough times for many companies.
  • Giving Back because Charity Matters

    Held at Old Ruts Rugby Club in Wimbledon, two teams of Directors from local businesses competed in head-to-head challenges – ‘bushtucker’ style for ‘I’m a Director…’!
  • Empowering Businesses for Success

    We have always made it a priority to actively participate in the community, consistently offering our time, expertise, and resources to assist businesses.
  • Helping Local Businesses to Find their Voice

    We facilitate meet ups for businesses to share business issues with local MPs and Councillors, improving transparency between businesses and government bodies.
  • Accredited by Good Business Charter

    Recognising the importance of embracing sustainability within our commitment to Best Practice, we enrolled in order to elevate our business standards and goals.
  • Joining Forces + A New MD

    Delia and Nicolle chose to join forces with Apex Accountancy as both the businesses had huge growth potential and share common values and culture whilst supporting local businesses for the benefit of local people.
  • Going Big Time

    Throughout the two day show, our team was on hand to discuss businesses’ strategy, accounting, brand and digital marketing and web design and CRM challenges.
  • The Best in Digital Communications

    At the Kingston Borough Business Awards 2024 we came away with yet another trophy to add to our collection!
  • A Remarkable Milestone – 10 years strong!

    This year, we celebrate our 10-Year Anniversary, an incredible milestone for our growing team and our passionate clients. This not only marks a decade of growth and success, but also serves as an opportunity to reflect on the incredible journey we embarked upon.

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