Business Clan always live up to expectations. I know I can trust and rely on you. It doesn’t occur to me to go anywhere else for the services you offer.
Sam DevereauxCo-Founder

Project brief

Business Clan have provided Sam with website design and maintenance support since way back in 2015. When Sam decided he needed a new website for his growing creative arts company providing voice overs, audiobook recordings, voice demo production, communication coaching and performance art services, he came to us.

We started with a brand positioning and marketing strategy workshop which led to a rebrand, including a new name and logo, followed by website design and build. Once it was live, we trained Sam on how to update the WordPress site himself and also gave him training on managing his social media.

Client feedback

Brand positioning and market strategy workshop

“I had an idea of what I wanted, so it was great to sit down with Bernice with all her branding and communication experience.
Initially I wanted a partner website to promote my live theatre work to give me credibility as a working actor for my audiobooks. Bernice said, “Why not combine it all?” That was a real “aha moment” for me. If she hadn’t said it, I wouldn’t have thought of doing it that way. So, it was Bernice really who created this whole thing.”

Graphic Design

“Once we had the idea, I started working with Trine. I was really throwing balls at her and seeing where she would run with them. She batted several concepts back to me, including the pickle character, which is just lovely.

I didn’t want the site to be corporate. I wanted it to be fun, creative and approachable to reflect who I am and what I do. I wasn’t prescriptive, so it was great when they came back with exactly what I wanted. They got where I was coming from.

Website design & build

I love the website. It’s exactly what I wanted. It was a very enjoyable process and you all busted a gut to get it ready in time to promote my Christmas performance.

I work on my own a lot of the time, so it’s nice to work with a team and have that collaborative feeling.

Overall Service

“I’m always delighted to work with you all. I’m grateful to know Delia and I’ve worked with Business Clan since 2015 when my wife saw one of your Facebook posts and it was just what I was looking for.

When I worked in the corporate world, I worked with a lot of people who were consistently disappointing. They could talk the talk but never delivered. That doesn’t happen with Business Clan, you always live up to expectations. I know I can trust and rely on you. It doesn’t occur to me to go anywhere else for the services you offer, which means I can concentrate on what I want to do, rather than who I want to do it with.”

Sam Devereaux, Co-Founder, Flying Pickle

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