The phone is ringing! It's working…All your guys have been brilliant!
Keith MaloneOwner

Project brief

We’ve provided Keith with accountancy and business strategy services since 2015. We’d been talking about potentially working together on a rebrand with new logo, website and marketing strategy for a while. In summer 2020, Keith decided it was time to take the plunge if he was going to grow his business and take on larger and more interesting architecture projects.

We started with a brand repositioning workshop and went on to design a new logo and strapline and build a landing page with the new branding whilst the full website was in development. We’ve worked together ever since building awareness of Keith’s architectural expertise through communication campaigns, content creation and social media management. Our partnership has generated new interest and enquiries for Malone Architecture leading to a significant increase in revenue and profits.

Client feedback

Brand repositioning workshop

“I love that Trine is a graphic designer first and website builder second. She got the references to the designers I was influenced by in the workshop. When she presented her Bauhaus ideas to me it was a real “Oh wow!” moment.

This process has been a big learning curve for me, and the workshop helped to initiate what I had been wanting to do for a couple of years.”

Landing page

“I am delighted with the landing page. I’m very pleased that it is not just an “under construction” page, which a lot of people put up and then are stuck with for months. Bernice was adamant from the start that it was not going to be a holding page.

Two days after the landing page launched, I got an enquiry through it! Which didn’t happen with the old website. Great teamwork from the Clan, as ever. First step on the journey to a better business. No looking back now…”

New website and social media management

“The phone is ringing! It’s working! Everyone has seen the activity on LinkedIn. It’s surprising the kind of content that generates likes and comments. I sometimes think, “Should Leeza be posting about a Concrete Centre webinar that I attended”, but it got 20 likes and several comments!

I piggy-back on what Leeza does on the business page for my own profile, as I know people like the personal side. I’ve been getting stopped on the school run and asked about things I have posted about. I’m keen to hit our 500 followers target [achieved Nov 2021] and so I’m inviting connections to like my page. I’ve had a couple of direct enquiries from LinkedIn, but above all I think it helps with reinforcement and getting my name out there. The builders I work with say people are mentioning my name when they do their first visit, which wouldn’t really have happened before.

The website makes it easy for people to contact me and they can fill in the form to enquire rather than picking up the phone if they want to.

Thank you all so much for this! All your guys have been brilliant!”

Keith Malone, Owner, Malone Architecture Ltd

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