Ellie Vickery

Office Manager

Office manager skills

Ellie uses her planning and organisational skills from her 17-year career at the Home Office to provide business and commercial support to Business Clan.

Professional experience

Ellie is our sports enthusiast – hockey, badminton, skiing, cycling, triathlon and captain of our Wombledon rounders team!

At the Home Office, Ellie held various roles from policy making through to stakeholder management.

All industries, from corporate to public sector and voluntary, are awash with policies and procedures designed to help ensure best practice and legal compliance, but often the bane of compliance officers and small business owners. Ellie’s focus is always to keep things as simple as possible.

Ellie predominantly provides business and commercial support to Business Clan. Her role mainly involves internal organisation within Business Clan however she often provides commercial support for our clients alongside Delia and Debbie as well as HR support, bookkeeping and credit control. Recently, Ellie has began developing her web design skills and done some work on some of our clients websites.

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