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Charlie Ketteman

Web Design & Digital Specialist

I’m enjoying learning how businesses are run and managed and how Business Clan helps their clients to grow. I’m excited to further develop my skills to support the team.

Management Skills

Charlie uses the organisational and administrative skills that he developed during his time at Clarks and whilst studying for his history degree, to provide support for the Business Clan team and is keen to learn as much as he can about business management and the services that we provide.

Professional experience

Charlie enjoys playing competitive video games at a high level and plays the guitar. He also loves to swim.

For over 6 years, Charlie worked for Clarks in Kingston where he initially worked on the shop floor serving customers and selling shoes. He quickly progressed to organising stock rooms, processing transfers and deliveries, and performing general admin tasks to help keep the busy store running smoothly. Charlie was also involved in recruitment and training of new staff over the years that he worked there.

Charlie has a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from the University of Sussex. Throughout his degree Charlie needed expert timekeeping and organisational skills in order to stick to deadlines. These skills help greatly in his management role at Business Clan.

Charlie is fast and thorough so is a whizz at keeping our CRM and website up to date!

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