Charlie Ketteman

Charlie Ketterman
Web Design & Digital Specialist

I’m enjoying learning how businesses are run and managed and how Business Clan helps their clients to grow. I’m excited to further develop my skills to support the team.

Digital Skills

Charlie’s IT & Web Design skills have been developed throughout his degree and whilst working at Business Clan. Charlie is Business Clan’s in-house IT support. He is also a key member of our Web Design & CRM team helping our clients to have an awesome online presence which attracts, retains and converts visitors into returning users and customers.

Professional experience

Charlie enjoys playing competitive video games at a high level and plays the guitar. He also loves to swim.

Since joining the team in 2019, Charlie has learnt quickly and is utilising our IT & Web Design systems to provide support for our clients. Charlie has also been studying for a Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship at Kingston College to further develop his business and management skills.

Charlie has a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from the University of Sussex. Throughout his degree Charlie needed expert timekeeping and organisational skills in order to stick to deadlines. These skills help greatly in his role at Business Clan.

As a Web Designer and Digital Specialist at Business Clan, Charlie works with both the Web Design & CRM team and the Marketing team to ensure that our websites are functional, attractive and also marketing driven. Charlie also manages SEO and Google Ads for our clients, providing support and useful insights on their campaigns and websites.

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