My week of work experience at Business Clan worked well!
Lilly work experience

In mid-January, I spent a week working with Business Clan in Raynes Park. I went in on my first day quite nervous but, having done some research into the company, I knew that my nerves where unnecessary as Business Clan is a place of support.  I was greeted into the company with a very welcoming approach and soon learnt the nature of the company, which is hard work, understanding but most importantly tea or coffee!

My week at Business Clan allowed me to gain experience of all the different services they offer, which is very useful for me as a business studies student. I went into my work experience with little knowledge on Human Resources and came out with a deep interest in HR, more specifically employee relations. After hearing about the interesting experiences from Claire and Naomi from their time in HR, both at Business Clan and in the companies they worked for previously –  I was sold on a career in HR!

During my time with Business Clan I helped with research for HR, created Powerpoint slides for their company meeting, attended a breakfast networking event with Kingston Chamber of Commerce and developed my business knowledge further. The knowledge and experience that I gained from Business Clan will definitely be useful for me during my business course and later in life.

Therefore, I can happily say that my week of work experience worked well!

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