Ian shares his work experience at Business Clan

On my first morning, I was greeted by the friendly and supportive team at Business Clan. We started the day off with the weekly marketing meeting, which gave me insights of projects happening at the time. This included internal projects such as the 10th anniversary, CSR-A and Future of Work Summit.

After I was given a tutorial on WordPress, I began collaborating with the team to create webpages for CSR-A associate news post, and Discover Twickenham testimonial, which made me excited to apply my newly acquired skills.

Throughout the week, with assistance from the Business Clan team, I successfully created the CSR-A news webpage During this process, I gained valuable knowledge regarding how to create a good website, including enhancing key factors such as SEO, tone of voice, and content readability.

I also had the opportunity to speak with the team leaders –  Lucy from the Web Design team,  Bernice from the Digital Marketing team, Michelle from the Accounting team, and last but not least Rohit the managing director. Originally, I hoped to gain knowledge and skills regarding web design and how a business operates during my week-long work experience. However, by speaking with team members, I gained valuable insights into how each department functions as a cog in the machine, working together to achieve amazing results. Each member not only provided me with basic knowledge regarding the functions of each team, but also how each industry has adapted to recent changes and evolved.

Another task I was given involved researching CSR and ESG, as Business Clan is applying for CSR. With top-line guidelines from the team, I drafted a report on my findings, based on my in-depth research and presented it to the team It was an enjoyable experience, and I found it insightful to learn how to conduct effective research independently. I also analysed the sustainability webpages of big companies, identifying areas where they excel and areas where they fall short.

In conclusion, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Business Clan. The knowledge and skills I gained here are invaluable and will be incredibly useful in the real world. The team was extremely friendly and helpful, making it easy for me to fit in and feel at home.

I would highly recommend this experience to other young adults who want to understand what working in a business is like.

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