Donate to our 10-Miles for 10 Years Fundraiser for Jigsaw4u!

Over the last 10 years we have focused on supporting youth enter the workforce by assisting them in making well-informed choices and equipping them with the best resources and foundations necessary for starting their careers. While we regularly support young people through work placements and internships, we also aim to fundraise for a charity that offers mental wellbeing support to help youth through different life challenges and stages.

We are excited to share that Jigsaw4u, a South West London mental health charity, supporting children, young people, and families facing social and emotional challenges is our Charity of the Year!

Why Jigsaw4u?

Over 25 years, they’ve aided over 50,000 individuals and provided up to 500,000 one-to-one sessions, all with the mission of helping you put the pieces back together.

We’re proud to partner with Jigsaw4u, as they provide outstanding local youth support, are transparent and accountable in their work, and consistently deliver on their promises. Their specialised programmes and dedicated team make a tangible difference in the lives of the local youth community.

10-miles for 10 years

On July 3rd, our team will walk 10 miles to celebrate turning 10, around Southwest London, visiting as many of our core clients as possible.

We’ll start at Wimbledon, pass through Richmond and Twickenham, and finish in Kingston.

We are dedicating all proceeds to offering positive activities for youth through exciting new experiences and community events as part of Jigsaw4u’s Activities4u and Beats and Pieces Programmes.

Thank you for your donations – we appreciate any support you can offer. Also, don’t forget to let us know which team member you’re supporting on behalf of in your donation message!

If you are a client or partner of ours and are free at any point during the fundraiser day, please join us!

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