Delia visits Number 10 Downing Street

Delia at No.10

Delia meets the PM’s Business Adviser with Enterprise Nation

Shortly after Delia became one of Enterprise Nation’s Top 10 UK Business Advisers she received an email from Emma Jones inviting her to visit No 10 Downing Street. As well as being the founder of Enterprise Nation, Emma is also the Small Business Crown Representative, and was taking a selection of business leaders to meet the Prime Minister’s business adviser, Jimmy McLoughlin. Delia was offered the opportunity to introduce Business Clan and suggest points to Jimmy on how to create the best conditions in the UK for people to start, grow and succeed in running their own businesses.

So on 8th May 2018, a gloriously sunny day, Delia made her way to rendezvous with Emma and the 19 other small business owners who had been invited along from across the UK. There were a mix of businesses from family-run, established businesses to relatively new startups; everything from artisan beer, print and digital, professional services, co-working spaces, retail and enterprises focused on minimising food waste and recycling plastic for new products. They came from Dorset, Reigate, Northampton, Lancashire and as far north as Glasgow. There was a fantastic atmosphere as they shared their business stories.

Delia took part in the discussion about Budget changes which would have a positive impact on helping businesses to grow. She suggested:

  • the removal of the VAT threshold, because it holds back businesses from growing, and in particular from employing more staff; it would also level the playing field for businesses who do employ staff versus those who don’t.
  • the reintroduction of the 0% corporation tax band, so that businesses can grow their working capital which makes it easier for them to manage cash flow and plan ahead;
  • the reintroduction of the matched funding Growth Voucher scheme, but with the ability for businesses (and not just start-ups) to use that money to implement advice as well as receiving advice.

Before everyone dispersed back to their part of the UK, they had the obligatory photo shoot outside the world-famous big, black door. A privilege, indeed!

Emma has since contacted Delia for further input on VAT in particular as she has already submitted a response to the government’s VAT Threshold Consultation. Emma is preparing a submission for HM Treasury on behalf of Enterprise Nation members. If you have any thoughts on whether the VAT threshold should be removed, the rate lowered or system simplified then tweet Emma.

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