We are excited to announce that we are now a CSR Associate! 

This association marks the beginning of our journey towards achieving full CSR accreditation (Corporate Social Responsibility).  

As a reputable SME in Southwest London, we take our environmental and social responsibilities seriously. We are eager to share our positive impact on people and the planet with our local business community and encourage everyone to join us on this journey. 

Becoming a CSR Associate underscores our longstanding commitment to sustainability over the past 10 years. Having practised sustainability for the last decade, we are now taking the next step by actively pursuing accreditation to enhance our sustainability charter. 

What is CSR-Accreditation?

For those unfamiliar with CSR Accreditation, it is a global organisation dedicated to establishing comprehensive environmental and social responsibility standards through accreditation, consultation, communication, and education. 

For us, accreditation is an effective way to baseline and benchmark our environmental and social responsibility efforts. The process involves collating, measuring, and reporting on our efforts, with the Four Pillar framework at its core. Through this framework, we are able to conduct thorough evaluations of our responsible initiatives, covering environmental considerations, community engagement, workplace culture, and philanthropic activities. 

Over the coming months, we will prepare our application and share our journey.

The world has changed considerably in recent years, especially our attitude towards environmental and social responsibility. The issue of sustainability must be addressed by us, the employees, the stakeholders, the customers, the consumers. We need to work collectively to make significant impacts that will leave a positive legacy for future generations.
Richard CollinsCo-Founder of CSR Accreditation
Strategy Team
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