Cool Coding

What We Do

Our main objective is for the children to have fun whilst learning to code. We will be encouraging the children to share their knowledge and to work together. They are welcome to bring in their own projects to show the other children and we will provide help and support if they need it.

Autumn Term


During the first term we will be coding in Scratch (which is already taught in school).

The first session will be a refresher. For those who are confident, we will have some fun but challenging tasks to help them apply what they know already.

We will then be exploring different, and perhaps more challenging programming concepts, to extend their knowledge and confidence so that they are ready for the Spring Term.

Spring Term


Python is a widely used programming language used in ‘real life’ applications.

We will be showing the children how to use what they have learnt in Scratch to start writing Python code. We will also be showing them how to follow best practice and how to translate their ideas into program code using flow diagrams to map the processes and the logic.

We will be encouraging the children to come up with their own ideas but, Blue Peter style, we’ll also have some ready to go ideas they can use.

Summer Term


The children will learn how to build a basic website by writing code called HTML.

HTML is a universal code that all web browsers interpret when displaying websites.

We’ll be looking at using styles (and writing CSS) – a bit like using different styles in a Word document – and design layout.

Who We Are

The Cool Coding team are all women who work for Business Clan. We all hold DBS certificates. We have a passion for sharing technical skills and feel it’s important for children to have female as well as male tech role models.

Term Dates

St Matthews Primary School

All sessions will be held on Wednesday mornings from 8.00am till 8.50am

Spring Term 2020

Before February half term: 15, 22, 29 January & 5, 12 February

After February half term: 26 February & & 4, 11, 18, 25 March

Summer Term 2020

To be confirmed.

Any changes to these dates will be notified to you in advance.