Seven ways a professional copywriter can add value to your business

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A professional copywriter’s job is to write persuasive, vivid and stimulating copy that connects with people. Effective writing gets noticed; it gets engaged with and, crucially, it gets the reader to do what you want them to do.

Most people can write something informative about their business, but not everyone can do it well. Of course, you can search online for advice: copywriting guides, handbooks and templates are easy to find and can be useful, but it’s unlikely they’ll replace the skills and experience of a professional copywriter. Here are seven reasons why hiring a pro will add value to your business.

A copywriter is a salesman with a keyboard

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A professional copywriter will…

  1. …create copy that gets results
    Whether you’re selling a product, a service or an idea, your main objective is to … sell! A professional copywriter will work to your brief and be able to make even the most boring and uninspiring topics interesting. Copywriters know how to craft compelling calls to action and write engaging copy that will persuade your customers to click on your buy button, sign up for your newsletter, open your emails, read your blog posts or annual reports, donate to your charity, follow your social accounts and much, much more!
  2. … showcase your unique brand
    Express your personality, and you’ll engage your audience. A professional copywriter will create marketing materials that tell your story in your voice. They’ll promote your strengths, explain what makes your business special and make sure your brand is memorable and distinct from your competitors.
  3. …get you noticed by the media
    A professional copywriter will boost the chance of your business getting noticed by the media. They know what journalists are looking for and how to spot the hook of a story. They will pitch your story to attract attention and give it the best chance of featuring in a print, broadcast or online publication.
  4. …boost your search engine rankings
    Writers and editors create compelling content every day, but unless they are writing with SEO in mind, their audience may never actually see it. A professional copywriter will have access to SEO expertise. They know how to find and use the right keywords to increase website traffic and push your website higher up Google’s rankings.
  5. …save you time, allowing you to focus on the things you are good at
    If you’re running a business, and particularly if you’re trying to grow a new venture, your time is valuable. Hiring a professional copywriter will free up your time, and result in a polished piece of work being delivered to an agreed deadline and within your pre-determined budget.
  6. …know how to write appropriately for a multitude of channels
    Blog posts, press releases, brochures, sales leaflets, company or annual reports, social media posts, email promotions: each channel requires a different language style and different technique to get your message across in the most effective way. A professional copywriter will know how to write in the appropriate tone for each of them.
  7. …be able to take a step back from your business and suggest fresh approaches
    You may be too close to your business to do this yourself. Because you are living and breathing every aspect of your business, your perspective will be quite different from a customer’s. You know too much. A professional copywriter will look at your business with fresh, objective eyes, write content in layman’s terms, and identify the key points that are most likely to attract new business.

More leads? More sales? More website traffic? Do you want your marketing materials to work harder for you? If you’re struggling to get your messages across and need the help of a copywriter, get in touch. The team at Business Clan can review your existing sales and marketing materials or create new ones to help your business grow.

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