6 Tips for Creating Compelling Marketing Videos

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Video is quickly becoming a more powerful and relevant marketing strategy tool. In fact, almost 50% of customers, when searching for a product, search for a video relating to it before going out to buy it. It is therefore no surprise that 4 in 5 businesses use video within their marketing strategy.

Video as a marketing medium is often overlooked due to the greater level of effort required to develop them. Video building takes time and skill, and is sometimes costly. However, with this greater investment comes greater reward; you can create much more enriching and expansive content with elements that photos and copy alone can’t replicate. Video marketing is rich with opportunity and certainly worth learning more about.

Here are 6 areas to consider when developing a marketing video:

1. Create an enriching experience

When developing a marketing video, story should be at the forefront of your decision-making process, not just generating sales. Take the time to conceptualise your ideas and then develop a storyboard. This will help you to get into the mind of your customer and determine what kind of journey you want them to experience. A strong marketing video establishes a problem and then presents a clear and viable solution.

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2. Catch their attention

Ensuring that your audience views your content in its entirety is an important factor to consider during the video development process. Get your foot in the door with a punchy introduction that keeps your audience on their toes and wanting more!

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The next time you watch a YouTube advert, take note of the information delivered in the first five seconds prior to the advert becoming skippable. You’re often presented with a question or problem and then the solution is withheld until you’ve passed the skip time and they have you hooked. The advertiser is essentially tasked with convincing you to forego the content you intended to watch by presenting their product or service in a more compelling way.

3. Make it look good!

Getting the optics right will help support your message and ensure that your audience is both engaged and entertained. Expert use of imagery, music, animation, and composition will all amalgamate in a highly memorable and shareable experience for your viewer. You should additionally ensure that you maintain consistency within the video and your marketing campaign as a whole by regularly consulting your brand guidelines.

4. Conduct a thorough review

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After completing your video, make sure to check for errors. We often become more susceptible to missing them when spending long periods viewing the same content, so consider getting a second opinion or scrubbing through the video in reverse. Once you’ve uploaded your video, be sure to review the insights as they’re essential in understanding how your viewers felt about it. Important statistics to consider include how often viewers leave your video, which parts they viewed most and whether they’ve responded positively to it.

5. Each platform is different

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Content produced for TikTok will differ drastically from that developed for LinkedIn. This is because each platform has its own unique audiences with different content expectations. Different platforms will have their own tones, styles and themes that should be studied. Consider creating a master concept for your video idea and then developing variations for each platform. Furthermore, when doing so, use in-app features such as stickers, voiceover tools and music as this improves performance.

6. Video isn’t everything!

Videos should always be used as part of a diverse content plan. Social media platforms typically respond well to a wide use of features. The videos on your channel feeds should sit alongside images, polls, gifs, stories, and articles. Short-form portrait video content is currently experiencing a boom as TikTok continues to skyrocket in popularity. Platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube have followed suit with their own alternatives and have been known to promote these posts more aggressively than other types of content. It’s certainly safe to say that video is on the rise, however you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket!

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Businesses often begin creating content without first developing a campaign which can result in content that is disjointed and confusing to the audience. Even across platforms, a holistic approach to content creation should be followed to maintain brand cohesion. Therefore, at Business Clan, we believe strategy-led marketing is the most effective way to connect with your customers. To find out more call us on 020 3488 4811 or contact us

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